Saturday, May 28, 2016

May 28, 2016

Seems like we had our May in April and now we're having Junuary just in time for Folklife. On the bright side, less chance of sunburn but you might not want to sit in the grass. These fine names come to us from indoor shows:

Anti-Nowhere League
We're gonna organize against that place that isn't.
We need more negatives in our name.
No, we don't.

Calliope Musicals
What the world needs is more steam powered instruments!

Pineapple Pig Storm
That crazy dream after the luau . . .
(Also, all those p's are just so fun to say.)

Told Slant
Where was this one when I did the literary theme a couple of weeks ago? Never mind, here they are now, having taken Emily Dickinson's advice re: truthtelling.

Vial 8 
Some of my favorite band names look like one thing and sound like another. I had to comb through the listings several times before I finally read this one and heard what was going on. I'm particularly pleased that they went with "tiny bottle" rather than "loathsome." It looks innocent but suggests trespass while hinting at poison. 

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