Saturday, February 25, 2012

February 25, 2012

The club listings were not quite as inspiring as usual this week, but that just gives me a chance to include two bands on the bill with Your Mother Should Know at the High Dive on April 6: The Tailenders and Youth Rescue Mission. (The fourth band and headliner, Curtains for You, has been featured previously, but always has my support).

Djinn and Tonic Belly Dance Revue
I love the translinguistic pun, as well as the West-meets-East idea of the drink and the dance. And then there's the whole bottle thing . . .

In Medias Res
This is where writers are advised to begin the story: in the middle of things. It's also a pretty good time to drop into a party!

Long, long ago, before we were Your Mother Should Know, my brother and I were The PKs, short for Preacher's Kids. So I have to wonder -- does anyone in this group belong to that same club?

The Tailenders
This name implies a kind of loser pride, not ashamed to bring up the rear, hang off the back, sweep up the leavings -- and maybe kick off the after-party, when the real fun happens.

Youth Rescue Mission
Sing it with me: "My life was saved by rock and roll."

Saturday, February 18, 2012

February 18, 2012

I'm at a loss for any kind of clever introductory banter, so I'll just get to this week's list:

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour
Always a sucker for goofy space references. I like the idea of a band having not just a world tour, but a galaxy tour. They must have a heck of a bus.

Lifestyles of the Poor and Unknown
Completely relateable.

Ten Second Epic
This at first seems like an oxymoron, but it's all in how the tale is told.

Thing Changers
You always hear that things change -- now we know who's responsible.

As much as I love long, rambling band names, sometimes a nice monosyllable hits the spot. This could be what thirsty plants do, or a good old word that doesn't get much use these days: wilt thou have this band?

Saturday, February 11, 2012

February 11, 2012

It's after 5 pm and still light out! That's a reason to celebrate, whether you have a Valentine or not. As always, there's no end of great bands playing shows in the coming week. These names stood out:

And And And
This one distills a favorite naming convention to its essence. All conjunctions, all the time.

Bang Sha Bang
As a drummer, I'm happy to support this percussive bit of onomatopoeia.

And as a science fiction writer, how could I not laud these sailors of the timestream?

I the Mighty
One the resident young people used to call himself "I. the Great." His brother was "[name redacted] the Mighty." I don't think this is them, but it seems to pay them homage.

Terabyte and the Battery Eaters
And here is the aforementioned favorite naming convention, dressing up an old-fashioned framework in the garb of our digital age.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

February 4, 2012

Shameless Plug: Your Mother Should Know will play an unplugged set as part of a benefit show, 7 pm tonight at Prospect Congregational UCC, 1919 E Prospect St. It's a nice mixed bill of soloists and ensembles, doing jazz, blues, gospel, and original songs. Admission by donation, all welcome!

On to the business at hand:

Beet Oven
There's the Beethoven reference, of course, but the pun of "beet" for "beat" is one I never get tired of. Wonderful as they are, root vegetables don't come across as particularly cool or hip. They're more down-to-earth (literally) and reliable. Maybe I relate to them! Roasting them takes them to a higher plane, hence the oven.

Dominant Legs
I recently read that humans are weird because (among other oddities) 90% of us are right-handed, whereas in other animals with a dominant hand, paw or flipper, it's 50%. That answered two questions I had, and (along with this band name) raised another: if you're right-handed, are you automatically right-legged/footed?

I Hate You Just Kidding
I like the idea of a band name that's a complete sentence. This one sentiment reveals a manipulative character who should perhaps be kept even closer than an enemy -- and don't turn your back.

Everybody's favorite source for adapters becomes dangerous. Or maybe it's a radio-controlled shark. Wait a minute, is this the Fake Shark from last week?
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Sheer extravagance wins this one a place on the list -- everything from the number of words to the extra "e" in the definite article to "orchestra" instead of "band." It all adds up to a kind of ridiculous grandeur.