Saturday, January 25, 2014

January 25, 2014

The pint of blood I just donated must have contained all my witty banter, because I have nothing to say about anything except these five fine band names:

They have jetpacks and laser eyes. (Or else this is just another term for eggs).

The Pop Cycle
Here's another play on that beloved quiescently frozen confection! This one, you can ride.

I love it when technical terms from art music infiltrate the pop world. Where does this group sit in your range? This also has the sentimental attachment of being the name of my musician friends' kitten, longer ago than I care to think about.

I like this recent fad for shapeshifting into animals other than wolves. This one's practical, too: wait for the full moon and take care of those pesky blackberries yourself.

I've always been amused by the school of naming your band for something offputting. This one goes straight to my favorite term of disgust. No matter how long you stretch it out, it always ends with a crack.

PS: If you wish to donate blood and witty banter, please call Puget Sound Blood Center at 800-398-7888 or make an appointment online!

Saturday, January 18, 2014

January 18, 2014

This is how old I am: I remember seeing Los Lobos back in the day at the University of Puget Sound Fieldhouse for $4. Now I see they're playing three sold-out shows at the Triple Door this weekend (good for them, by the way) and tickets went for $65-$80. Venue, artists and ticket price pretty much guarantees a -- ahem -- mature audience. In other words, people my age, but with more money.

Who else is playing this week?

Crooks on Tape
Nixon jokes never get old.

Gangrene Gang
A repeated syllable that brings together the nasty and the jaunty.

Manatee Commune
General consensus that nothing would get done, and everybody would be OK with that. Like a household of stoners.

Gotta love homophones that don't look anything alike.

Shark Toys
Because, y'know, they're so playful, and they only bite because they're curious. That inflatable seal won't last long, though.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

January 11, 2014

Although I'm not a football fan, I'm aware that there's some kind of big game in Seattle today. I'm rooting for the weather. Rain, wind, hail, lightning, sun breaks -- all that's missing is snow. Now I'm happy we built an open stadium. I'm even happier that rock & roll is an indoor sport. This week's favorites:

Barefoot Barnacle
These words in proximity provoke a wince from anyone who's spent time on Northwest beaches. But in this case, it's the barnacle that's barefoot. (My resident science adviser points out that all barnacles are barefoot: they plant their heads and wave their feet around to collect food. And anyway, how would you get the little shoes on?)
Genghis Con Artist
I love a good homophonic twist (the latest dance craze). Mongol hordes, scamming their way across Asia.

Pop Sickle
The quiescently frozen confection that kills it every time.

Spontaneous Rex
An unplanned dinosaur or a freewheeling monarch? I'd love to see this outfit on a bill with Tyrannosaurus Grace.

Surfer Blood
Beach Blanket Death Metal.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

January 4, 2014

It's a shiny new year, just begging to be scribbled on! Here's a fresh batch of band names to start things off right:

Cracker Factory
This could get in solely on the crisp rhyme in the first syllables. On top of that, in our household idiom, "crackers" refers to anyone cute enough that you'd let then eat crackers in your bed. On a good night, many of the clubs I've been to could be termed a cracker factory.
Devour the Day
Not enough to just seize it. Consume it messily and entire.

When we're down in them, we sing the blues to lift us out of them.

Liars Start Fires
. . . with their pants. (Also, more fun rhymes!)

Wounded Giant
There's a whole epic contained in these two words.