Saturday, August 25, 2012

August 25, 2012

Perennial Square Pig favorite Pouch is at the Funhouse tonight! Might just go. Meanwhile, here are the new picks:

Jar of Flies
Yuck. Either somebody caught them and put them in there, or they hatched in there, like the fruit flies we bred for biology class when I was in high school. I can still smell the stink.

More insects! I've always liked this name for the tiniest of camping pests. Does a funny name make them more or less irritating?

Primate 5
At last, a mammal, and an open admission that we are primates, too. "Band" being one of the accepted terms for a group of apes, including humans.

Safeword  Sasquatch
And, another primate! What I like here is that "safeword" implies kink, and interest in Sasquatch is about as nerdy as you can get.

She Keeps Bees
Back to insects. I like all the long e sounds, and the monosyllables, and the complete sentence, with the hint of urban agriculture: "I've got chickens, he's got a goat, and she keeps bees."

Saturday, August 18, 2012

August 18, 2012

The heat yesterday made it hard to think or even see straight, so I just picked a theme and went with it. The theme is: band names built on the classic formula "X and the Y". There were something like eight variations on this theme in the listings, from which I selected five:

Angelo Delsenno and the Empty Sky
This is the only one that comes close to the usual "frontperson and the band" formulation. But it could as easily be a solo act with a tongue-in-cheek name. Either way, Empty Sky is a grand and poignant name.

The Bard and the Liar
As if they were not different names for the same thing. Storytellers and poets tell the truth by making stuff up. And I love me an unreliable narrator!

Between the Buried and Me
This one diverges a little from the formula by separating "and" and "the." It gets in because I like this idea of secrets or communication between the living and the dead. In my current fantasy project, the protagonist visits the dead in her dreams. And two days ago, I finished reading The Illumination, a novel by Kevin Brockmeier, which includes within the narrative a lovely little fable about a country where the living write letters to the dead and slip them into cracks in the ground, until one day one of them gets an answer. Eventually the living and the dead live together underground, happily ever after.

Fox and the Law
Speaking of fables, here's a good title. What's the moral?

The Funeral and the Twilight
A tiny poem about times of poignant farewell, to a loved one, to the day. 

Saturday, August 11, 2012

August 11, 2012

I'm breaking with tradition a little bit by including two bands that I actually heard (!) but that did not appear in the club listings. The Ancients and Tyrannosaurus Grace both played terrific sets at the Rat and Raven last Thursday. Andrew James Robison opened with an exciting acoustic set, followed by Your Mother Should Know doing whatever it is we do. (Catch Andrew at the Funhouse this Sunday, with Black Plastic Clouds and Canals of Venice).

The Ancients
I probably wouldn't pick this name out of the listings, but it fits perfectly the band's wildly theatrical Adventure Metal genre. These guys would be right at home with a tiny Stonehenge on stage.

The Hooten Hallers
I like how the name spoken sounds like a raucous good time, but written looks like the denizens of Hooten Hall, no doubt some Wodehousian country manor.

Castle Dwellers
These get in as a set. They're on the same bill at the Sunset on Sunday, and happy chance in the listings creates a reference to Howth Castle, back to which we are brought by a commodious vicus of recirculation in the first lines of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake. It just so happens that this very night, August 11, 2012, my brother and partner in rock and roll, Neal Kosaly-Meyer, performs -- from memory -- John Cage's "Writing for the Second Time Through Finnegans Wake" in honor of the 20th anniversary of Cage's death. Chapel Performance Space at Good Shepherd Center, 8:00 p.m. It's gonna be a great show!

Tyrannosaurus Grace
This is one of those names that just sounds right. I don't know what it is -- some kind of Wesleyan dinosaur, I guess -- but I like it.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

August 5, 2012

I'm blogging a day late due to a fine trip to sunny Washington wine country, where it was even hotter than in Seattle, but dry. Unexplained anomaly: someone turned off the wind in Ellensburg!

Good Willsmith
I like the word overlap that turns the meaning in the middle from a movie into an actor.

Sad Little Men
I can't help thinking of Buzz Lightyear and Sheriff Woody, accidentally abandoned at the refueling station. "You're a sad, strange little man, and I pity you."

Saint John and the Revelators
Nice reference to an old spiritual, and slyly apocalyptic.

Instant punk classic.

The Yolks
I've always liked the word yolk. It looks kind of funny, and it sounds almost like joke, but also kind of thick, like what it is.

Late breaking news: This show didn't make the club listings, but this Thursday, August 9, Your Mother Should Know is at the Rat & Raven, with Andrew James Robison and Tyrannosaurus Grace. Doors at 8.