Saturday, May 14, 2016

May 14, 2016

I'm in the late stages of preparing a book for publication, so it seems appropriate to go with a (mostly) literary theme this week, bookended by Shakespeare and Dickens. Thanks to the bands for cooperating and making it possible!

Casca's Dagger
One character's prop suggests the whole tragedy.

Fragile Lung
This is the exception to the theme, unless medical texts count as literature. There's a nice irony here in that their music is all about masterful singing, which relies on strong lungs.

In the Whale 
Where Ahab's leg resides.

Mandroid Echostar
Now we enter the realm of pulp sci-fi. I imagine this character was Buzz Lightyear's delinquent roommate at the Space Ranger Academy who dropped out and became a smuggler or spaceman of fortune.

Marley's Ghost 
Back to the classics for the other bookend, identical in structure to Casca's Dagger but referring to a character rather than a prop -- the first of four spirits intent on Scrooge's redemption. If it were up to me, Marley would get promoted to Heaven for this act.

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