Sunday, June 21, 2015

June 21, 2015

Yesterday I blew off both blogging and the solstice parade to go to Mt. Rainier. Not only was the road to Sunrise open (unusual this early in the season) but there was no snow on the trails except in two small patches, and it was warm enough to hike without a jacket. I'm a little concerned about what this means for the rest of the summer, but I was happy to welcome the season on a perfect day in the mountains.

Meanwhile, in a dark bar somewhere . . .

Abstract Friends
A step removed from imaginary friends, this implies an idea of friends separate from any actual experience of friendship. The teenage protagonist of my young-adult work-in-progress could probably relate -- she's invisible and has no real friends until she takes courage and starts a garage band. The members of this band look the right age to be her classmates, too.

Broken by Clouds
I like the metaphorical dissonance of something as ethereal as clouds doing physical damage. Just because something looks soft and immaterial doesn't mean it can't hurt you. (I happened to meet this group a few years ago at Evolution Rehearsal Studios as they were checking in and Your Mother Should Know was checking out. I was already writing this blog, so I collected their name. Finding them in the club listings this week reminded me that I hadn't blogged about them yet. Happy to rectify the oversight!)

Hostile Makeover
This was the first one to make this week's list, but that should come as no surprise to anyone who knows of my weakness for puns and all-girl bands. A single letter change takes this out of the business world and into the middle-school sleepover, where the tomboy (or geekgirl) gets made up and manicured against her will. Hmm, I might have to write that into my novel . . .

Maudlin Strangers
Why aren't they on a bill with Abstract Friends? But they are on a bill with Bad Idea, which might be a clue: guy walks into a bar with only the concept of friendship, sits next to an emotionally demonstrative stranger and quickly gets dragged into someone else's drama. 

The Whateverly Brothers
The name alone implies humor and close harmonies, two of my favorite things.

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