Saturday, May 17, 2014

May 17, 2014

After a productive week of recording, I'm back! My own anecdotal experience indicates that playing rock & roll keeps us young -- on the last day of recording, I got carded at the grocery story where I've been shopping weekly since 1989. And the entertaining band names just keep coming:

Fall Saves Grace
Sin boldly that grace may abound. 

Indigenous Robot
Artificial intelligence arising spontaneously in Silicon Valley. (Or, apparently, Broadsterdam, CO).

Make Do and Mend
This is how I was raised and how I run my household. In rock band terms, "use more duct tape."

Sit Kitty Sit
Yeah, like that'll get you anywhere with a cat.

Surgical Chaos
An operation that has gone horribly wrong in all possible ways; or carefully orchestrated disorder.  

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