Saturday, February 14, 2015

February 14, 2015

 Happy Valentine's Day! Even if you don't have a date tonight, go out and give a band some love! I'm feeling sweet on these five:

Remove an h sound and suddenly, rather than running for cover, people are running out into the storm with their mouths open. Hope nobody drowns, but what a way to go.

What a versatile word -- both noun and verb, with completely unrelated meanings, yet self-descriptive in both cases. It sounds like uncontrollable sobbing, and it sounds like a gooshy layer of fat. Now it also sounds like this band.

Boots to the Moon
Have you seen that Photoshop of a cat crossing the path of an astronaut on the moon? That's Boots.

Catfish & the Bottlemen
Classic X and the Y structure, but the frontperson is a (possibly fictional) character. I also can't help thinking the Bottlemen might want to hang out in the Alestorm.

Those leaves from high up the tree will keep you regular.

My fiction and blogging projects collide in "St. Rage," now available as the 13th release in the Pankhearst Singles Club. This story of an all-girl teenage garage band with superpowers is short, it's funny, and it's only $ .99. If you like "St. Rage," please like St. Rage on Facebook and go listen to their first demo, "Huge Guy in the Mosh Pit."

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